What is Cosmic Energetic Healing?

We are all one and interconnected.

Health, well being, wealth and destiny are all connected – so we treat the whole body, mind, spirit and even past lives.

Reiki and CEH are great tools to make you healthy and happy again!

What is physical sickness?

Is it caused by karma?

We are more than the sum of our parts therefore our Cosmic Energy  Healing method treats the whole of the human body including both physical and soul-spiritual parts.

The whole body, mind and spirit will benefit simultaneously during the Cosmic Energetic Healing sessions. We also use the Laser Reiki as an application of 5th dimensional energy or even beyond for instant pain release.

In Cosmic energetic healing we do not treat diseases or sickness but heal the low energy and the  complete person – body, mind, spirit – releases all their energy blockages, problems and sicknesses.

It matter not what disease our client has — it is all because their connection to Source energy has been partly blocked by worry, fear, anger or pain.

Health and well being will return to all. Health, wealth and happiness are inter connected and can be energized with Laser Reiki.

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Cosmic Energetic Healing Brings Well-being

Practitioners in Cosmic Energy Healing differ from other practices and traditions is that they do try not heal just one aspect of the sickness.

The Cosmic Energetic Healing practitioner heals the whole person paying equal attention to the person’s stress, anxiety, tension from this lifetime and other life times. The soul, spirit and inner being is taken into consideration as well as the physical illness.

Laser Reiki is used to apply the laser point or zero point of Source energy in the application of higher frequency energy needed to restore wellness and good health.

By improving a person’s karmic problems or circumstances we’ve found that their health also improve as well.

The healing method of practitioners of Cosmic Energy is mostly based on the finding the energy blockage, transmuting the negative energy, or removing it, cleansing and restoring of the proper level of energy.

Chakras. The seven chakras are tested for the correct flow of energy.

Cosmic Energetic Healing jump starts the healing of physical organs, blood circulation, muscle systems, digestion, bones and nerve systems. Cosmic Energetic Healing aids in the consciousness of an individual.

This is why, when a person recovers from their illness,

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Anti Aging Hair Care Products

At any age grey hair can materialize. It’s not always an indication of aging, it’s caused by a dropping off in pigmentation (grey hair) or a complete lack of pigment (white hair), and the basis for it is not fully known. The most obvious symbol of aging is the changing colour of our hair. As we age our hair produces less melanin, the same melanin that gives our skin its colour. This is the reason our hair turns grey.

Age also has an effect on our hair in other ways. A number of women will notice that their hair thins and lacks life, for others it will appear to be dry and coarse. As we get older our hair starts to get drier, and needs more moisture. Older hair often loses some of its elasticity and the consistency alters. This is because as we get older the size of our hair follicles get smaller and hair growth slows down. Therefore there is not as much new growth to replace what is lost.

Sebum (oil produced naturally by our skin) lessens as our body ages, and so our hair, as a result, loses its natural shine and softness. Plus, during the menopause our production of keratin slows. This protein fibre is important to keeping our hair healthy and strong. For men, there is the issue of going bald, thinning hair and coarse hair, especially the facial hair. Select the correct type of hair colour to disguise your grey hair, but don’t go more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour. If you use a dark color it can emphasize a dull complexion.

If you wish to keep your grey, try to use a hair shampoo and conditioner that is targeted specially for grey hair. Grey hair can look yellow or greenish on a number of people. To neutralize the yellow colour and leave your hair shiny and good-looking, try using a greying shampoo that has a violet based colour, instead of your usual shampoo. Highlights or lowlights can camouflage any grey you want to mask by blending them into the rest of your hair. The same with hair colourants, keep away from going more than a couple of shades lighter than your own hair color to steer clear of looking older than you really are.

As the years go by your hair loses its elasticity and then it becomes more difficult to style, so try opting for a protein treatment to use once a month to support your hair. For both women and men, thinning hair can be given a more voluminous look by using volumizing products such as conditioners and mousses. Apply a weekly deep conditioning treatment – that is recommended for aging hair. Moisturizing (conditioning) your hair is a necessity as we get older. This will preserve the moisture levels in your hair.

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Reiki, Reiki, Reiki – The Ideals (or Spiritual Precepts of Reiki)

These spiritual concepts have been presented in many forms since Takata first taught the core part of them. The central part is known in the old Japan Reiki society as the Gokai (go-kah-ee) – and most have been similar in their wording. Reiki works and the practitioners benefit from the Spiritual Precepts of Reiki.

Inviting blessings of the secret method (using Source energy),
Many illnesses of the spiritual (heavenly) medicineToday only, anger not,
Worry not. With appreciation
Do work. To people be kind

In morning at night hands held in prayer think in your mind
Chant with mouth.

Mind body change it for better Usui Reiki method.

Usui Mikao

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Healthy Living – Start the Day off Right

Healthy Living Living Healthy in the Body – Start the Day off Right

Start your day with a simple exercise? How about practicing Reiki for Pain Relief?

Would you meditate for only 5 minutes?

Would you consider spending only11 minutes every morning stretching and aligning your body?

Great nutritionists say that Break – fast should happen at noon time — not at 9 AM! Instead of pouring out a box of cereal in a bowl of sugar (diabetes), and adding homogenized milk – would you be willing to think about preparing a healthy breakfast meal or just skipping eating until noon? You might actually be willing to spend 6 minutes sitting in meditation with a single point focus.

By making better choices for your life activities you can improve your level of energy and have a better focus for the entire day.

To read the rest go to Http://deltahealing.com a great alternative health site!

To further enhance your life check out Reiki energy work and Try learning the One Command! Learn How to Use The One Command

Compiled by TM July 2008 – http://deltahealing.com

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Energy healing can make your life easier…

 This energy healing website has information about Laser Reiki.

Are youe somewhat familiar with Reiki? If not please visit the Reiki Ranch

Healing therapies can help make you feel better. Do you have?

Allergies, Asthma
Muscle pain
Intestinal/digestive Problems
Anxiety, Stress and Tension
Weakened Immune System
Depression, Sadness, Shame
Joint Pain, knees, Hips, Elbows

Maybe you have had the opportunity to experience the bliss of Reiki before. Either way, you have come to the right place.

Energy healing/Healing Therpies can make your life easier…

  • Quickly releasing deep muscle pains, back pains and headaches! Saves years of traditional work and money.
  • Find happiness and more reasons for living (A direct connection to Source Energy makes you feel better and radiate loving energy!) Has everyday life become more often depleting then energizing — if so this might help you?
  • End Depression, stress, anxiety, tension, sadness, regret, shame, anger, by releasing their root causes.
  • Laser Reiki is quick… Often 1 to 4 sessions can elminate the problems All diseases have an emotional root cause that can be even if found and erased.
  • If this kind of energy healing  interests you, read on…

These Laser Reiki techniques are easy to learn.

You canStart feeling better and enjoying life again!

How would you like to Have control over what happens to you… Do you think it could make your life a lot more fun!

If you are interested in learning more about releasing pain and increasing joy in your life… you’ve come to the right place!

Find out how Laser Reiki was discovered.  Feel free to contact us, Taylore Vance & Roi if you have any questions at all.

 If you are a traditional Reiki Master, this is advanced and there is much available for you and the upgrade is pretty easy.

Feel free to contact us, Taylore Vance & Roi if you have any questions at all.

Enjoy your stay… Namaste!

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