Laser Reiki Discovery Part 1 of 2

Laser Reiki is new and precise way to focus the God Force healing energy–first time in many years –has been re-discovered by Reiki Masters Taylore Vance and Roi (Herb Richards.) They have been practicing the traditional healing method called Reiki (a Japanese word for God energy – with a knowingness of Its own — coming out of the hands with a Force to change matter.) Reiki only does Good!

Their prayers were answered when Spirit spoke to them. They were asking for a better and faster way to help others with energy healing. They wanted a method that was alternative health, and easy to learn by all.

Now, Taylore and Roi both of Chehalis, Washington have introduced new quicker energy healing concepts that takes energy work a quantum leap into the future.

Come to one of their training intensives and experience a better way of life.

Want to be clearer? Everyone feels an increase in the life force energy during the training. You find better ways to control your life. It is wonderful to see major improvements in other participants, too. You see the difference within one day!

Press Release on Laser Reiki discovery

Laser Reiki — There are a total of 9 Levels of Laser Reiki (LR) and Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH) training.

Why would you want to take Laser Reiki over Traditional Reiki?

Laser Reiki Levels 1 – 4 — Introductory 4-Day Laser Reiki (LR) Workshop is the first in a series of healing workshops. No prior training is required to take LR Levels 1-4. After taking these first four levels you will be fully able to clear general energy blockages in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual areas.

Laser Reiki- 4-Day Workshop/Retreat – (Levels 1 to 4)

Included in the 4 days are: Certification for Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3 (Reiki Master), Level 4 – Laser Reiki Master Reiki is -Recognized World-wide! This is an EXTENSIVE and INTENSIVE weekend retreat. It gives the attunements for the first 3 levels of standard Reiki as well as Laser Reiki Level 1-4.

4-Day Introductory LR Graduates will know how to:

  • Use Laser Reiki – a concentrated healing beam of energy that flows out the finger tips.
  • Learn to discover the root cause of dis-ease (what started it in the first place.)
  • Remove pain, trauma, stress, anxiety, fear, etc. instantly.
  • Heal dis-eases before they become apparent.
  • Do remote healings using only the person’s name and location. (The person must request a healing.)
  • Heal the reasons that are holding you back from success.
  • Heal yourself, your friends, your family, pets and plants.

Wishing to take back control of your health? Want an easy way to heal those chronic pains that have resisted treatment for many years? Try Laser Reiki! It is unsurpassed. And there are no other healing methods that work as quickly as Laser Reiki.

How is the Laser Reiki healing method the most sought after? Why are Reiki Masters, Chi Gong practitioners, Therapeutic Touch, other energy workers, massage therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses and other health workers taking Laser Reiki? Many professionals are adding Laser Reiki to their healing toolbox because there is nothing else even remotely as powerful and useful in the healing fields.

Learn how to work with numbers. This will cut hours off your healing work! Learn this short cut. The numbers technology is not taught elsewhere.

Take care of implants, imprints, holes in aura, chakra blockages, etc. Feel lighter the fist day.

This workshop adds a whole new dimension to whatever energy healing modality you now use.

Doy you really want to be happier?  Will you come to a workshop that clears your energy blockages?

About Reiki Master

Interested in helping others in realizing their goals and dreams. I'm a Laser Reiki Master and much more. Come play with us!
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