Laser Reiki Discovery Part 2 of 2

Curriculum — The four days are divided into 6 sections as follows:

Class #1: Thursday Morning from 9 AM – 6 PM, Lecture, Meditation to release past life karma, meeting with your spirit guides/Reiki Masters, Initiation and Attunement to 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Reiki Master), 4th (Basic Laser Reiki Master Degree), Water Ritual, practice of symbols, short practice of Reiki “hand positions” for hands-on-healing of yourself and others, Beginning of Basic Laser Reiki training exercises. If you’re a Reiki Master you won’t be repeating, but a few minutes of the first day.

Class #2: You will learn how to Muscle Test or use kinesiology to ask direct questions to the subconscious mind. The answers will provide a straight path to the root cause of all dis-ease in the body including the causes of lack of financial success. We will use the Healing charts that list hundreds of possible energy blocks to find, to release and to energize. We will clear dogmas that rob you of 60% of your life force energy. You’ll feel much lighter & brighter.

Class #3: Review, Lecture, spiritual Meditation on healing the world, continuation of Laser Reiki training to include Cleaning Aura, Aligning Polarity, Muscle Testing, Remote Healings –anywhere in the world or beyond using another person to stand in or a picture or even a simple drawing of a person and practice. Practice clearing other people (mother/father and their emotions, etc.) from your energy field. This will free up extra energy that you can immediately feel! You will be taught exactly where to flow the Laser Reiki energy. It is not placed at the site of the symptom as in traditional Reiki.

Class #4: Review, Lecture, study the Laser Reiki training manual, training for direct & remote healing (beyond time and space) and practice. Removal of blockages causing TMJ (miss aligned jaw problems). Please ask permission to heal another person for this class exercise. Set the time to receive the healing for 4 AM Monday morning after the class. You will learn how to send the healing forward in time. Group Individual Healings – Removal of energy blockages & re-energize with positive affirmations in a Laser Reiki Matrix for instant change. (The traditional 21 days to make a change is not required with this technique.)

Class #5: Review, sharing of experiences, fine tuning of Laser Reiki training using Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing – using the subconscious mind to answer questions with a “yes” or “no”) and practice. Control the Alter Ego. Group Individual Healings -learn how to heal and be healed! You receive multiple healings. You will practice on yourself and others.

Class #6: Sunday Afternoon. Finish the Group Individual Healings of all participants in class. There is very little fluff in these classes. You will either be using the techniques on yourself or others most of the time.

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