Laser Reiki – It’s That Simple!

How would you like to Immediately Release Pain and Anxiety?

Your aches and pains are directly related to stuck emotions in the body tissue. It is very simple to learn this release process in the 4-day workshop. You receive multiple healings yourself as you learn to use these techniques.

Simple Techniques!

If healing is hard, then you aren’t doing it right. As well as being simple, these healing techniques are fun to do. Once the emotional energy blockages are released a great peace and harmony is felt. Negative energy blockages not only cause pain, but they disconnect you from Source Energy. Learning these Laser Reiki techniques is like having a miracle in your hands!

It Is Logical to Work with the Power House — the Subconscious Mind!

You will learn to converse with the Subconscious Mind. All of your aches and pains are kept in the right place by the subconscious mind. You can learn to find the origin or the root cause of a particular problem and release it in a matter of minutes. And presto! The body heals itself! Many times it is instantaneous! It works like defragging a computer that’s clogged up with conflicting programs and doesn’t do its repair maintenance. As soon as the energy flow is restarted the body is able to heal itself. It works on the mental, emotional, psychological, and physical as well as spiritual, self esteem, relationships, sexual problems and lack of prosperity.

It’s So Easy – My Seven Year Old Granddaughter Can Do It!

Yes, Alex, my 7 year old granddaughter attended a Laser Reiki workshop held in the Republic of Panama. She had no hesitation at all. She did all the exercises like a pro. That proves it is our natural ability to flow Reiki. No prior training is required for Laser Reiki – just a willingness to learn and experience. If you are already trained in Reiki (traditional) this is your next step — Laser Reiki workshops!

You need no special tools, only training to flow this higher dimensional energy beam directly out your fingertips — like a laser beam of blue light! It is a natural for young and old. Wouldn’t it be great to teach these life changing methods to all our young people?

Naturally everyone can flow energy out the hands and even the finger tips, no training needed because we all are hard-wired to do so. Point to someone across the room ant they will surely look around. Where the training comes in is increasing the flow to a 6th dimensional healing energy instead of the typical 3rd dimensional flow. Another trick is finding the root cause of the problem and asking the subconscious mind where it wants the energy focused to cause the greatest healing effect. Hint! It is rarely where the symptom is located.

In every Intensive class (workshop/retreat) there are large and small miracles performed. Everyone experiences a great increase in this flow of Reiki. It is not only the Attunements to Reiki, but also the practice of flowing this god force energy that heals the dense energy blockages. As you learn the techniques you will practice on yourselves and each other. When a group of 6 to 10 Laser Reiki Masters works on one the results are miraculous and the feelings are extraordinary. At the end of the four days everyone notices the remarkable changes in themselves and each other. To say the least the group is “Blissed Out”!

Laser Reiki was founded in Chehalis, WA by Taylore Vance and Roi Halse in 1994.

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Interested in helping others in realizing their goals and dreams. I'm a Laser Reiki Master and much more. Come play with us!
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