Laser Reiki Techniques Helped Heal Past Life

How the techniques of Energy Healing helped

One student had been told by several psychics that his hands had been cut off in a past life and they appeared to be disconnected from his body in this life. He was in construction and had several so called “accidents” concerning his hands. During his Laser Reiki meditation his masters healed his emotional trauma and thereby re-joined his hands to his body. He could feel really connected to his hands for the first time in this life. We don’t expect him to have any more accidents using his beautiful hands.

When you take the 4-Day Intensive in the first meditation, your energy flow is increased and expanded whereby you are able to travel to higher levels of inner consciousness. You will meet your guides, ascended Reiki Masters, angels, etc. in a beautiful park like setting. After a happy reunion you will be taken to a healing and purification temple. They will help you release dozens of deep core emotional blockages that limit the flow of your natural god force energy. You will feel much lighter and connected to your god source. Your body/mind system will be able to flow up to 60% more of this Source energy.

When you flow more Source (God) energy, people can feel something special about you. They just want to spend time with you. All people feel energy at some level.

In modern terms, the various symbols used in the attunements (levels of initiation) are software that tells the body it’s okay to let the various universal energies flow through you. It is your natural ability to flow this energy. We have been shut down too long. It is time to reclaim your heritage. We can now expand into who and what we really are when awakened! We will be operating way beyond the ability of most other humans.

Many fears, anxiety, tension, and stress comes from a past life

Another student had fear of heights that even included simply driving over bridges and overpasses. She dreaded driving on freeways in San Fransisco because of the overpasses. She had panic attacks when near heights. During the meditation she was shown how she was forced to be sacrificed in a volcano. They helped heal her emotional anxiety about heights. She is very happy to be free of those fears. Like many of our fears — they don’t even come from this life. They are very hard to find and cancel with traditional therapy, but can be easily healed and eliminated during the Laser Reiki workshops/retreats.

Spirit Guides help in these workshops

If this training is for you, your guides will nudge you. Your inner guidance system is always correct if you stop and pay attention to it. Lack of good health and financial abundance is just the outer reflecting back the energy blockages, which limit the flow of life force energy. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. At these workshops you will spend 4 wonderful days cleaning up your inner house with expert help from the founders and the other students. Money can’t buy the mulotiple energy healings like you will receive at this retreat. Healings you will receive at one of these workshops are valued at $5000 and up each person. Getting this many trained practitioners together to work on you is not that easy. I doubt if money could actually buy a healing like this?

The advanced Laser Reiki Levels 5-9 build on each other somewhat. We do not recommend skipping even one level because different techniques are learned in each one. All 9 levels must be taken before you are certified as a LR & CEH teacher. You will also need to re-attend the Introductory 1-4 Levels (4-day workshop) at least two times before becoming a Laser Reiki teacher intern. You must be an intern teacher working along with two master instructors until you have passed the tests to become a master instructor for Laser Reiki yourself. The students doing the best work return to re-take the workshops. Each workshop is different because each training workshop takes on a mind of its own.

Spirit works with and through all participants even bringing us new healing techniques in each class. Students receive multiple energy healings and as the different layers of dense energy blockages are healed the individual is able to move closer to the Light they are.

You will get Lighter and Lighter as you remove the negative energy — collected from eons of lifetimes. You can even learn to clear genetic energy blockages.

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