Cosmic Energetic Healing – Advanced Level 5 Training

Laser Reiki Level 5 — Is called: Cosmic Energetic Healing – A 3-Day Workshop –

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This is a 3-day course and is available only to existing Laser Reiki Masters. This means you must have completed our Introductory Laser Reiki Level 1- 4. If you are already a Reiki Master from a more traditional line (Usui, Unlimited Reiki levels 1-3, etc.) then you will need to complete the School’s LR Level 1-4 BEFORE you can do this advanced level 5.

How Would You Like to:

  1. Find an easier method of quickly releasing those long term/chronic pains!
  2. Be able to flow even more of the Universal Life Force Energy!
  3. Be able to heal the root cause of long term emotional problems in a few minutes!
  4. Have a simple way to test — your progress as you do healing work!
  5. Be able to release past life trauma, ancient or recent curses in a few minutes!Release a hex, curse or voodoo spell.
  6. Heal your plants and animals! (No placebo effect possible!)
  7. End Depression, Stress, Anxiety Sadness, Regret, shame, Anger, etc.!
  8. Find Happiness and Reason for Living (a direct connection to Source Energy!)
  9. Bring Even More Abundance and Prosperity into your Life! (Success Stories in our files.)

Curriculum for Cosmic Energetic Healing 3-Day Intensive — LR Level 5

Class #1: From 9 AM – 6 PM, Lecture, Meditation to release deeper levels of past life karma, meeting with your spirit guides/Reiki Masters, Initiation and Attunement to Level 5 – Basic Cosmic Energetic Healing Degree, Water Ritual, Beginning of Basic Cosmic Energetic Healing training exercises.

Class #2: You will practice much higher levels of Muscle Testing thereby receiving answers from the Subconscious Mind. You are learning to refine the communication with the Subconscious Mind. We will use the LR & CEH charts to find, to release and to energize all kinds of hidden energy blocks not taught in Levels 1-4. We will clear and un-install emotional implants, Kundalini shunts and other devices. Learn how to re-wire the mind to improve its ability to heal. You’ll feel the difference and freedom to expand your energy field.

Class #3: Review, Lecture, Meditation, Expansion of Laser Reiki/Cosmic Energetic Healing training for sending Remote Healings, ditto healings and healing large groups. You will learn to find the multiple causes of major dis-eases. Please ask permission to heal another person for this class exercise. Set the time to receive the healing for 4 AM Monday morning (one day after the class) in the correct time zone.

Class #4: Review, Lecture, study the training manual, fine tuning and expansion of the exercises for direct & remote healing of relationships, family members and job related conflicts. You will learn how to heal tiny parts of the body using pictures. Learn to regenerate and rejuvenate body tissue. Continue Individual Group Healings – Removal of energy blockages from all levels of consciousness & re-energize with positive affirmations in a Laser Reiki Matrix for instant change.

Class #5: Learn to remove entities. Finish the Group Individual Healings of all participants in class. Learn how to heal and be healed using definite aspects that communicate with the Subconscious Mind. You receive multiple healings. You will practice on yourself and others. You will also have a chance to practice on real clients. Application to counter the “Death Hormone” as mentioned in the Kryon books which is a cause of aging. Reprogramming / reconnecting of the DNA. Reprogram the DNA to slow or stop aging. There is very little fluff in these workshops. You will either be using the techniques on yourself or others most of the time.


Y.E. is another dedicated Reiki student. She had three incurable dis-eases according to the medical tests and Ph.D. authorities. She was even slated for a liver transplant because of Hepatitis C. She was already a Reiki Master when LASER REIKI caught her eye. After attending the Basic Laser Reiki & CEH in Portland, she was on her way to getting rid of extreme pain. She moved near the No. 1 Healing School so she could do the work/trade program. Being unemployed because of the depression, pain and lack of energy accompanying Fibromyalgia, arthritis and Hepatitis C she was a good candidate for SSI, but the government didn’t think so. Y.E. has had to pull herself up from the depth of dis-ease, despair and lack of money using simple energy techniques over and over. From the advanced training and being part of a nucleus of advanced Laser Reiki & CEH engineers has come her deep realizations about using photographs and imagery to reprogram the body’s holographic aspects into even better health. She was recently tested for the liver by the hospital and it was found that she no longer needed a liver transplant! Great work! Who says that the liver cannot rejuvenate? Y.E. is also initiating others into Reiki I, II, & III plus healing many clients herself. She is also able to work part time again!

Advanced student R.M. was attending a graduation ceremony when a little old man several seats below got up walked down the aisle. The man then fell down clutching his chest. R.M. just began to flow the Laser Reiki and pointed his hand at the fellow. Pretty soon the old guy got up and just walked away as if nothing happened. The people sitting around R.M. and his mother gave him some raised eyebrows. His mom was a little embarrassed and told him to quit doing that. “That’ll be the day … it’s our nature to help others.”

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