Advanced Reiki Training – Level 6 – Moodari – Sending Reiki from the Eyes

Level 6 — The advanced LR & CEH – 2-Day workshop

This is a 2-day energy healing course and is available only to existing Laser Reiki Masters. This means you must have completed our levels 1- 4 & 5 workshops, which is the Laser Reiki Level as well as the Cosmic Energetic Healing level. If you are a Reiki Master from a more traditional line, in other words Reiki training for levels 1-3, then you will need to complete our LR level 1-4 & CEH Level 5 BEFORE you can do this advanced level 6 Moodari — sending Laser Reiki beam from the eyes.

Advanced Training Level 6 Retreat

The Next Steps in your Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing Training is learning to send the LR energy directly from the eyes. In 1994 when we started teaching the basic techniques we had ample information for a 3-day seminar. All of you who’ve become Laser Reiki Masters know there was no filler in the course. We could barely get it done in the time allotted. New techniques come into every class because as we grow as healers we all can do more. As we can do more, we are given more opportunity to flow that much more energy.

Now the School has expanded to a 4-day Laser Reiki and several 2-Day Cosmic Energetic Healing weekend retreats. Considering that everyone learns how to use the healing techniques and also receives multiple energy healings by the class, this is still a real challenge even with the extra days.

To regress a little, before considering the advanced training (Level 6), it is suggested that you work with at least 15 people ( friends, family, animals, etc.) using your Laser Reiki methods. Having a free Reiki clinic in your neighborhood and inviting your fellow students to come and give healings is a great way to expand your abilities. The more you use your energy healing skills the better healer you become.The better healer you become the quicker you can heal yourself and others. You will will be able to perform Instant Pain Release!

Since 1994 we’ve trained hundreds of students all over the world. All have varying degrees of understanding and perhaps some are doing awesome healings! We have continued to discover even more ways to heal the body and restore a better flow of the love energy called Reiki and Laser Reiki. By attending this advanced training you will have new quicker, more thorough, and more extensive techniques to add to your healing tools.

No matter when you took your original training in Laser Reiki this advanced training will expand you to new levels of understanding. No one is teaching the advanced levels of training but Taylore and Roi at the Reiki Ranch.

The energy healing taught at the Reiki Ranch (CEH) School and retreat is growing by leaps and bounds. The ascended masters are willing to give each of us even more help (more tools to use) as we make silent declarations of asking for that help. There is much joy to embrace by helping others realize that they don’t have to be stuck in unhappy life situations. Remember we are all One. As we help each other we help ourselves. And it is much easier to help when you have the right tools. It is even down right FUN. Want a happy, happy, happy life?

The Level 6 advanced training course will cover:

  • A new meditation will be given followed by the “Moodari” – Attunement that directs the mind/body to send out Laser Reiki healing energy from the eyes.
  • How to find Soul Fractures and how to heal them. How to bring the Soul Fragments and all the stringlets back home. How to heal holes in the Soul, holes in the aura.
  • Healing entities which cause aches and pains in your body
  • Healing ghosts (Ghost busting haunted houses)
  • Learn how to bring desirable traits across from other versions of yourself in your own circle of existence (from your future or past lives.)
  • Finding and healing demons. (Some people call this casting out of demons, we find it more beneficial to heal the demon instead of casting them out on the street.) The demon is healed of darkness and escorted to the Light. Finding and destroying demonic devices in the body.
  • Building your own healing pyramid (on the inner) with a variable control panel.
  • How to increase your vibrational frequency to a “perfect 10”. As above so below. When you keep your body’s vibrational energy field at a higher vibration for a period of time, then healing will follow. Dis-ease and lack of finances are only a denser, slower aspect of the same energy.
  • A new technique called “Hands of God” is used to psychically comb out deep diseased tissue in a client’s body like psychic surgery. This is just part of Level 6. You will receive multiple healing from the founders and from a groups of 12 to 15 students.
  • And much more…

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