Advanced Reiki Training – Level 7

Level 7 — The advanced LR & CEH – 2-Day workshop –Go to Laser

The advanced training Level 7 of the Laser Reiki courses will cover:

  • An attunement to better connect you to the Earth and Source energy. An amazing student from one of the first classes, Sedra from Oklahoma, received channeled information from the Coalition whereby persons can have a certain symbol placed on their heads, hands, knees and feet. This attunement process gives the body permission to become a cylinder of Light between Earth and Universal Source energy. With all the new and higher energy being beamed into the Earth, you need the best connection to help earth and others make the transition into the 4th & 5th dimensions. Help make the dimensional shift!
  • Using Hologram technology to do organ etheric transplants. This is very important work. Alex Collier wrote about his alien friends having a machine that would take a picture then turning the clock back 10 years for an individual. We all can do that plus much more…..
  • A new and even simpler method to use the charts. It can cause very fast healings…… (Don’t let you clients see you do this! They won’t believe it!)
  • You will receive multiple healings on yourself and any remote healings you’d like to make using these new methods. You need to be even more clear of energy blockages to flow the great amounts of enlightenment needed to birth our bodies and our (happier) version of Earth into the 4th & 5th dimension.
  • You can be Happy, happy, happy!
  • And much more!


Two years ago: “D.A. from Salt Lake City came to a free Cosmic Energetic Healing lecture. When the lecturers asked, “Is there anyone in the audience with pain?”, D.A. stood up and told his story. “I’ve suffered a completely frozen neck for three years. Doctors operated on my neck with no improvement and then they wanted to try a second time. I told them — ‘No way!'” He also told the group that he had received medical retirement from the city’s garbage truck brigade and had been a frequent winner at national shuffleboard competitions until he was overcome by chronic neck pain. D.A. was asked to come to the front of the room for a healing treatment, and within a few minutes he was free of pain and the stiffness in his neck was almost completely gone.” (Story taken from a news release.)

D.A. came to a workshop held at Seven Keys Bookstore in
Lakewood, WA and learned LASER REIKI & CEH. As a result the root cause of his neck problems was completely healed. He has the inclination and time (10-12 hours a day) to push the envelope of the LR & CEH teachings. He has healed numerous people from doctors, champion athletes, to just anyone who will hold still and wants a healing. He heals several people every day from all over the world without leaving his home. The requests continue to come in by word of mouth alone.

About Reiki Master

Interested in helping others in realizing their goals and dreams. I'm a Laser Reiki Master and much more. Come play with us!
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