Organic food, Drug commercials, Shine your light!

Ashtar addressing the May 20, 2008 teleconference:

“..Do you want to talk about a hundred monkeys, and all that? What’s ConAgra been doing lately? Well, a little bit of it is a con-job, but have you noticed when you go into the grocery store, you see organic everywhere? Now be discerning about that; we told you, some of it’s a con job. But they are starting to realize that you know more than they think you do.

“It’s a bit of a troublesome thing to them, but they’re making changes that are making you even more aware of the differences between organic, and not. They are educating just by having those labels in your face in every aisle in the grocery store. They are doing it, in their own way, even though they think they’re going to control it, but they’re not. They are, in their own way, making the changes which benefit you.

“And how about those fabulously entertaining drug commercials on TV? Don’t listen too closely, or shall we say, ‘Just shine the Violet Light on them,’ or do something. But you know, they’re really putting themselves into the worst possible position.

“They think that they’re getting people who are going to say, ‘Oh goody, I want that one, and I want that one, and I’m going to have my drug cocktail every night, and every morning, so I can wake up from that sound night’s sleep that I had. And by the way I have a few side effects, so I’ll just get some more of these pills.’

“But do you know what? They are having to disclose all of the side effects. Don’t you love the ones that say, ‘and even death’? You see these ones are so clever with their greed shining forth so blatantly; they’re shooting themselves in the foot, as you would say.

“So every time one of those commercials comes on, bless it, and bless their honesty, because they lie about some things, but they do have to follow some rules. And isn’t it delightful that they’re shining the light on themselves, and showing you the truth!

“And believe me, if you don’t think there is a real increase in those people who want to get off of drugs, or not get on them -well we’re sure that you’re getting the message here. People are welcoming change. They are questioning the old ways in every aspect of life, and they have this fabulous, optimistic, welcoming attitude.

“And they’re looking for and delighting when they discover a new way of doing things, or a new way of being. They’re open! Shine on them! Radiate, pay it forward, and beam all the Love you are, because you’re never going to run out.

“You know you’re the ultimate ‘Ever Ready Battery.’ You’re never going to run out, because you have instant recharge. Yeah! Run that flag around, and bang those drums, because you’ll never run out. You have ultimate, absolute, infinite, recharge going on in every nano-second of your life.

“So be joyful with it, be happy with it, share it, spread it – the more you give, the more you receive. And I’ll tell you what else you receive. Get back to that Compassion. Guess what? Do you want to feel high? Do you want high vibrations moving through your entire being? Then give. Give with Compassion.

“Don’t get yourself down in the dumpies with pity, or sympathetic sharing of the emotions of the one you’re giving to, or the pain, but simply keep your vibes up, and beam ‘em from the heights of Compassionate Love.

“Success is guaranteed! The miracle of healing always, always, is given when you call it forth. It may not always be in exactly the form that you’re picturing, so why don’t you quit exhausting yourselves with trying to picture how it’s going to be, and just beam ‘em, and know that it’s taking place.

“It’s happening. The healing is taking place on every level of that one’s being, and it’s kind of like a boomerang you know; it comes back to you too, in some fabulous way or other. So go with it, and be yourselves, and be the blessed ones that you are to the world, because that’s why you’re here Beloved Ones! It’s to bless the world, and all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms within the beautiful, beautiful, world of Planet Earth, below, on and above.

“And as Planet Earth shines, and comes into its own Renaissance, comes into its own Golden Age of Love, and Joy, and yes, Laughter, you’ll be a part of it! You’ll know that you helped consciously to bring it forth, and that’s sweet, Beloveds, beyond words.

“And we tell you again from this perspective – go ahead, take yourselves out of your bodies, and get up here so that you have the same perspective as us, and you can validate it for yourselves, if you choose to do so. Mission Accomplished! And so it is…..Salut!”

© Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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