Salt: Hero or Villain?

Have you noticed how the most amazing things come in simple packages?  Take salt, for example.  We have an amazing history with salt.   There are expressions like “you are the salt of the earth” or “turning to a pillar of salt”.  Both of these expressions originate in the bible.  Salt has been used in exchange, as a form of money.  


These days we have easy access to salt.  Reach across just about any table and you will like find a salt shaker.  Salt has moved into an expanded variety of choices what some may call “designer salts” and others might call “health conscious”.  The varieties offered today may be derived in a more health-conscious manner, or may contain trace minerals, giving us more of the elements our body needs in order to thrive.


We are educated now to be conscious of our salt intake.  Too much salt is said to cause problems such as water retention.  Those who exercise excessively may experience the opposite, a deficiency of the body salts such as potassium. 


Where does this leave us?  Somewhere in the middle.  Salts are necessary for life, but too much is not a good thing.   Finding balance in your diet, and knowing about the other salts that our body requires can be a fascinating learning experience. Remember the basics of health, and consult your health care provider for any personal health concerns.  Just a little food for thought, something to think over while you enjoy a nice warm bath with some dead sea or himalayan sea salts!

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