Healthy Living – Start the Day off Right

Healthy Living Living Healthy in the Body – Start the Day off Right

Start your day with a simple exercise? How about practicing Reiki for Pain Relief?

Would you meditate for only 5 minutes?

Would you consider spending only11 minutes every morning stretching and aligning your body?

Great nutritionists say that Break – fast should happen at noon time — not at 9 AM! Instead of pouring out a box of cereal in a bowl of sugar (diabetes), and adding homogenized milk – would you be willing to think about preparing a healthy breakfast meal or just skipping eating until noon? You might actually be willing to spend 6 minutes sitting in meditation with a single point focus.

By making better choices for your life activities you can improve your level of energy and have a better focus for the entire day.

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Compiled by TM July 2008 –

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