Cosmic Energetic Healing Brings Well-being

Practitioners in Cosmic Energy Healing differ from other practices and traditions is that they do try not heal just one aspect of the sickness.

The Cosmic Energetic Healing practitioner heals the whole person paying equal attention to the person’s stress, anxiety, tension from this lifetime and other life times. The soul, spirit and inner being is taken into consideration as well as the physical illness.

Laser Reiki is used to apply the laser point or zero point of Source energy in the application of higher frequency energy needed to restore wellness and good health.

By improving a person’s karmic problems or circumstances we’ve found that their health also improve as well.

The healing method of practitioners of Cosmic Energy is mostly based on the finding the energy blockage, transmuting the negative energy, or removing it, cleansing and restoring of the proper level of energy.

Chakras. The seven chakras are tested for the correct flow of energy.

Cosmic Energetic Healing jump starts the healing of physical organs, blood circulation, muscle systems, digestion, bones and nerve systems. Cosmic Energetic Healing aids in the consciousness of an individual.

This is why, when a person recovers from their illness,

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