Traditional Reiki – Part 2 of 3

Reiki uses Universal Energy
Easy to Learn and Use, “Reiki” is derived from two Japanese words!

Simply: “rei” meaning “soul” or “spirit,” and “ki” meaning “life force energy.” It is Universal energy that seems to have its own consciousness (a mind of its own). Is able to provide exactly what is needed on all levels. Reiki is the most natural energy healing method ever used by mankind.

Reiki treatments work by dissolving or eliminating toxic energy and emotional energy blockages from many levels of being ? physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It also helps people connect to Source Energy which brings joy, happiness and a deep sense of well-being. The 911 attack on WTC caused such terror in the hearts that the trauma disconnected people from Source Energy. That is the main reason everyone felt so bad. Reiki reconnects you with Source Energy. In the center of chaos you will still feel safe and protected. Scary news media problems and dis-eases will not be attracted to you when you practice keeping your vibrational frequency up.

Low vibrational frequency will bring you sickness, worry and sadness. High vibrational frequency will bring you joy, health and healing. Reiki helps raise your vibrational frequency. Traditional Reiki is 4th dimensional energy. Laser Reiki is 5 dimensional energy and above.

How Simple Hands-on-Healing Relieves Your Pain, Depression, Sickness and Stress
Reiki helps to create a balanced environment within one’s being so that healing can take place. Healers that have been attuned to the Reiki healing “flow” find that their natural healing energies have been enhanced. They also describe their healing energies as being more powerful and directed than before. Pain may instantly disappear. Depression and stress also are fairly easy to release.

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Interested in helping others in realizing their goals and dreams. I'm a Laser Reiki Master and much more. Come play with us!
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