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What is Cosmic Energetic Healing?

We are all one and interconnected. Health, well being, wealth and destiny are all connected – so we treat the whole body, mind, spirit and even past lives. Reiki and CEH are great tools to make you healthy and happy … Continue reading

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Anti Aging Hair Care Products

At any age grey hair can materialize. It’s not always an indication of aging, it’s caused by a dropping off in pigmentation (grey hair) or a complete lack of pigment (white hair), and the basis for it is not fully known. The most obvious symbol of aging is the changing colour of our hair. As we age our hair produces less melanin, the same melanin that gives our skin its colour. This is the reason our hair turns grey. Continue reading

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Healthy Living – Start the Day off Right

Healthy Living – Living Healthy in the Body – Start the Day off Right Start your day with a simple exercise? How about practicing Reiki for Pain Relief? Would you meditate for only 5 minutes? Would you consider spending only11 … Continue reading

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Salt: Hero or Villain?

Have you noticed how the most amazing things come in simple packages?  Take salt, for example.  We have an amazing history with salt.   There are expressions like “you are the salt of the earth” or “turning to a pillar of … Continue reading

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