Advanced Reiki Training – Level 7

Level 7 — The advanced LR & CEH – 2-Day workshop –Go to Laser

The advanced training Level 7 of the Laser Reiki courses will cover:

  • An attunement to better connect you to the Earth and Source energy. An amazing student from one of the first classes, Sedra from Oklahoma, received channeled information from the Coalition whereby persons can have a certain symbol placed on their heads, hands, knees and feet. This attunement process gives the body permission to become a cylinder of Light between Earth and Universal Source energy. With all the new and higher energy being beamed into the Earth, you need the best connection to help earth and others make the transition into the 4th & 5th dimensions. Help make the dimensional shift!
  • Using Hologram technology to do organ etheric transplants. This is very important work. Alex Collier wrote about his alien friends having a machine that would take a picture then turning the clock back 10 years for an individual. We all can do that plus much more…..
  • A new and even simpler method to use the charts. It can cause very fast healings…… (Don’t let you clients see you do this! They won’t believe it!)
  • You will receive multiple healings on yourself and any remote healings you’d like to make using these new methods. You need to be even more clear of energy blockages to flow the great amounts of enlightenment needed to birth our bodies and our (happier) version of Earth into the 4th & 5th dimension.
  • You can be Happy, happy, happy!
  • And much more!


Two years ago: “D.A. from Salt Lake City came to a free Cosmic Energetic Healing lecture. When the lecturers asked, “Is there anyone in the audience with pain?”, D.A. stood up and told his story. “I’ve suffered a completely frozen neck for three years. Doctors operated on my neck with no improvement and then they wanted to try a second time. I told them — ‘No way!'” He also told the group that he had received medical retirement from the city’s garbage truck brigade and had been a frequent winner at national shuffleboard competitions until he was overcome by chronic neck pain. D.A. was asked to come to the front of the room for a healing treatment, and within a few minutes he was free of pain and the stiffness in his neck was almost completely gone.” (Story taken from a news release.)

D.A. came to a workshop held at Seven Keys Bookstore in
Lakewood, WA and learned LASER REIKI & CEH. As a result the root cause of his neck problems was completely healed. He has the inclination and time (10-12 hours a day) to push the envelope of the LR & CEH teachings. He has healed numerous people from doctors, champion athletes, to just anyone who will hold still and wants a healing. He heals several people every day from all over the world without leaving his home. The requests continue to come in by word of mouth alone.

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Laser Reiki Techniques Helped Heal Past Life

How the techniques of Energy Healing helped

One student had been told by several psychics that his hands had been cut off in a past life and they appeared to be disconnected from his body in this life. He was in construction and had several so called “accidents” concerning his hands. During his Laser Reiki meditation his masters healed his emotional trauma and thereby re-joined his hands to his body. He could feel really connected to his hands for the first time in this life. We don’t expect him to have any more accidents using his beautiful hands.

When you take the 4-Day Intensive in the first meditation, your energy flow is increased and expanded whereby you are able to travel to higher levels of inner consciousness. You will meet your guides, ascended Reiki Masters, angels, etc. in a beautiful park like setting. After a happy reunion you will be taken to a healing and purification temple. They will help you release dozens of deep core emotional blockages that limit the flow of your natural god force energy. You will feel much lighter and connected to your god source. Your body/mind system will be able to flow up to 60% more of this Source energy.

When you flow more Source (God) energy, people can feel something special about you. They just want to spend time with you. All people feel energy at some level.

In modern terms, the various symbols used in the attunements (levels of initiation) are software that tells the body it’s okay to let the various universal energies flow through you. It is your natural ability to flow this energy. We have been shut down too long. It is time to reclaim your heritage. We can now expand into who and what we really are when awakened! We will be operating way beyond the ability of most other humans.

Many fears, anxiety, tension, and stress comes from a past life

Another student had fear of heights that even included simply driving over bridges and overpasses. She dreaded driving on freeways in San Fransisco because of the overpasses. She had panic attacks when near heights. During the meditation she was shown how she was forced to be sacrificed in a volcano. They helped heal her emotional anxiety about heights. She is very happy to be free of those fears. Like many of our fears — they don’t even come from this life. They are very hard to find and cancel with traditional therapy, but can be easily healed and eliminated during the Laser Reiki workshops/retreats.

Spirit Guides help in these workshops

If this training is for you, your guides will nudge you. Your inner guidance system is always correct if you stop and pay attention to it. Lack of good health and financial abundance is just the outer reflecting back the energy blockages, which limit the flow of life force energy. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. At these workshops you will spend 4 wonderful days cleaning up your inner house with expert help from the founders and the other students. Money can’t buy the mulotiple energy healings like you will receive at this retreat. Healings you will receive at one of these workshops are valued at $5000 and up each person. Getting this many trained practitioners together to work on you is not that easy. I doubt if money could actually buy a healing like this?

The advanced Laser Reiki Levels 5-9 build on each other somewhat. We do not recommend skipping even one level because different techniques are learned in each one. All 9 levels must be taken before you are certified as a LR & CEH teacher. You will also need to re-attend the Introductory 1-4 Levels (4-day workshop) at least two times before becoming a Laser Reiki teacher intern. You must be an intern teacher working along with two master instructors until you have passed the tests to become a master instructor for Laser Reiki yourself. The students doing the best work return to re-take the workshops. Each workshop is different because each training workshop takes on a mind of its own.

Spirit works with and through all participants even bringing us new healing techniques in each class. Students receive multiple energy healings and as the different layers of dense energy blockages are healed the individual is able to move closer to the Light they are.

You will get Lighter and Lighter as you remove the negative energy — collected from eons of lifetimes. You can even learn to clear genetic energy blockages.

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Laser Reiki – It’s That Simple!

How would you like to Immediately Release Pain and Anxiety?

Your aches and pains are directly related to stuck emotions in the body tissue. It is very simple to learn this release process in the 4-day workshop. You receive multiple healings yourself as you learn to use these techniques.

Simple Techniques!

If healing is hard, then you aren’t doing it right. As well as being simple, these healing techniques are fun to do. Once the emotional energy blockages are released a great peace and harmony is felt. Negative energy blockages not only cause pain, but they disconnect you from Source Energy. Learning these Laser Reiki techniques is like having a miracle in your hands!

It Is Logical to Work with the Power House — the Subconscious Mind!

You will learn to converse with the Subconscious Mind. All of your aches and pains are kept in the right place by the subconscious mind. You can learn to find the origin or the root cause of a particular problem and release it in a matter of minutes. And presto! The body heals itself! Many times it is instantaneous! It works like defragging a computer that’s clogged up with conflicting programs and doesn’t do its repair maintenance. As soon as the energy flow is restarted the body is able to heal itself. It works on the mental, emotional, psychological, and physical as well as spiritual, self esteem, relationships, sexual problems and lack of prosperity.

It’s So Easy – My Seven Year Old Granddaughter Can Do It!

Yes, Alex, my 7 year old granddaughter attended a Laser Reiki workshop held in the Republic of Panama. She had no hesitation at all. She did all the exercises like a pro. That proves it is our natural ability to flow Reiki. No prior training is required for Laser Reiki – just a willingness to learn and experience. If you are already trained in Reiki (traditional) this is your next step — Laser Reiki workshops!

You need no special tools, only training to flow this higher dimensional energy beam directly out your fingertips — like a laser beam of blue light! It is a natural for young and old. Wouldn’t it be great to teach these life changing methods to all our young people?

Naturally everyone can flow energy out the hands and even the finger tips, no training needed because we all are hard-wired to do so. Point to someone across the room ant they will surely look around. Where the training comes in is increasing the flow to a 6th dimensional healing energy instead of the typical 3rd dimensional flow. Another trick is finding the root cause of the problem and asking the subconscious mind where it wants the energy focused to cause the greatest healing effect. Hint! It is rarely where the symptom is located.

In every Intensive class (workshop/retreat) there are large and small miracles performed. Everyone experiences a great increase in this flow of Reiki. It is not only the Attunements to Reiki, but also the practice of flowing this god force energy that heals the dense energy blockages. As you learn the techniques you will practice on yourselves and each other. When a group of 6 to 10 Laser Reiki Masters works on one the results are miraculous and the feelings are extraordinary. At the end of the four days everyone notices the remarkable changes in themselves and each other. To say the least the group is “Blissed Out”!

Laser Reiki was founded in Chehalis, WA by Taylore Vance and Roi Halse in 1994.

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Advanced Reiki Training – Level 6 – Moodari – Sending Reiki from the Eyes

Level 6 — The advanced LR & CEH – 2-Day workshop

This is a 2-day energy healing course and is available only to existing Laser Reiki Masters. This means you must have completed our levels 1- 4 & 5 workshops, which is the Laser Reiki Level as well as the Cosmic Energetic Healing level. If you are a Reiki Master from a more traditional line, in other words Reiki training for levels 1-3, then you will need to complete our LR level 1-4 & CEH Level 5 BEFORE you can do this advanced level 6 Moodari — sending Laser Reiki beam from the eyes.

Advanced Training Level 6 Retreat

The Next Steps in your Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing Training is learning to send the LR energy directly from the eyes. In 1994 when we started teaching the basic techniques we had ample information for a 3-day seminar. All of you who’ve become Laser Reiki Masters know there was no filler in the course. We could barely get it done in the time allotted. New techniques come into every class because as we grow as healers we all can do more. As we can do more, we are given more opportunity to flow that much more energy.

Now the School has expanded to a 4-day Laser Reiki and several 2-Day Cosmic Energetic Healing weekend retreats. Considering that everyone learns how to use the healing techniques and also receives multiple energy healings by the class, this is still a real challenge even with the extra days.

To regress a little, before considering the advanced training (Level 6), it is suggested that you work with at least 15 people ( friends, family, animals, etc.) using your Laser Reiki methods. Having a free Reiki clinic in your neighborhood and inviting your fellow students to come and give healings is a great way to expand your abilities. The more you use your energy healing skills the better healer you become.The better healer you become the quicker you can heal yourself and others. You will will be able to perform Instant Pain Release!

Since 1994 we’ve trained hundreds of students all over the world. All have varying degrees of understanding and perhaps some are doing awesome healings! We have continued to discover even more ways to heal the body and restore a better flow of the love energy called Reiki and Laser Reiki. By attending this advanced training you will have new quicker, more thorough, and more extensive techniques to add to your healing tools.

No matter when you took your original training in Laser Reiki this advanced training will expand you to new levels of understanding. No one is teaching the advanced levels of training but Taylore and Roi at the Reiki Ranch.

The energy healing taught at the Reiki Ranch (CEH) School and retreat is growing by leaps and bounds. The ascended masters are willing to give each of us even more help (more tools to use) as we make silent declarations of asking for that help. There is much joy to embrace by helping others realize that they don’t have to be stuck in unhappy life situations. Remember we are all One. As we help each other we help ourselves. And it is much easier to help when you have the right tools. It is even down right FUN. Want a happy, happy, happy life?

The Level 6 advanced training course will cover:

  • A new meditation will be given followed by the “Moodari” – Attunement that directs the mind/body to send out Laser Reiki healing energy from the eyes.
  • How to find Soul Fractures and how to heal them. How to bring the Soul Fragments and all the stringlets back home. How to heal holes in the Soul, holes in the aura.
  • Healing entities which cause aches and pains in your body
  • Healing ghosts (Ghost busting haunted houses)
  • Learn how to bring desirable traits across from other versions of yourself in your own circle of existence (from your future or past lives.)
  • Finding and healing demons. (Some people call this casting out of demons, we find it more beneficial to heal the demon instead of casting them out on the street.) The demon is healed of darkness and escorted to the Light. Finding and destroying demonic devices in the body.
  • Building your own healing pyramid (on the inner) with a variable control panel.
  • How to increase your vibrational frequency to a “perfect 10”. As above so below. When you keep your body’s vibrational energy field at a higher vibration for a period of time, then healing will follow. Dis-ease and lack of finances are only a denser, slower aspect of the same energy.
  • A new technique called “Hands of God” is used to psychically comb out deep diseased tissue in a client’s body like psychic surgery. This is just part of Level 6. You will receive multiple healing from the founders and from a groups of 12 to 15 students.
  • And much more…
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Becoming A Reiki Instructor

I don’t expect everyone trained in Reiki to have a desires to use it as a means to make a living. There are some things you’ll want to consider before you get started. if you are thinking about setting up a Reiki practice then Serving as a healer can be a very satisfying career and even a good home business.

As a Reiki practitioner, the healing art profession is good all over the world. You can absolutely make a difference in the quality of lives in others, improve their success and health. You will also take pride in the type of work you are doing.

Want to Start Teaching Reiki I?

After taking Laser Reiki Levels 1-4 You will be Certified as a Reiki Instructor to teach Traditional Reiki 1, 2 & 3. When taking any Reiki Master workshop including Levels I-4, but we recommend that you also attend the Traditional Reiki training and Reiki Certification workshops for Levels 1-3 before you try to teach them. You may use the No. 1 Healing School’s Manuals to teach Reiki I, II & III Usui Reiki and/or Unlimited Reiki at no extra charge as long as you do not change them in any way.

There is nothing more delicious than sharing the connection to source energy with others. It is life saving! And a good part time job — a method of increasing your income — by teaching Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III. Reiki III is considered a Reiki Master.

An official picture ID card identifying you as a healing minister is now available to all those who have taken the Introductory LR 4-days. If you desire this certification the Healing Minister’s Photo ID Card is only a $50 donation. And it is good for 5 years. The Assembly of Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH) is certified by Washington State to issue these Official Identification Cards.

There is much more information available in the course information package. We would be happy to send you all the information by postal mail or e-mail. Please request an information package by clicking on the link below. Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address.

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Cosmic Energetic Healing – Advanced Level 5 Training

Laser Reiki Level 5 — Is called: Cosmic Energetic Healing – A 3-Day Workshop –

You benefit yourself and others when you make a commitment to help the Reiki Ranch by sharing any of our teachings with others. Even give away the FREE Reiki I Certification training coupons. These coupons are valued at $150. This is an awesome gift to your friends and acquaintances. You are helping the world become a better place by recommending the Free Reiki workshop to others.

This is a 3-day course and is available only to existing Laser Reiki Masters. This means you must have completed our Introductory Laser Reiki Level 1- 4. If you are already a Reiki Master from a more traditional line (Usui, Unlimited Reiki levels 1-3, etc.) then you will need to complete the School’s LR Level 1-4 BEFORE you can do this advanced level 5.

How Would You Like to:

  1. Find an easier method of quickly releasing those long term/chronic pains!
  2. Be able to flow even more of the Universal Life Force Energy!
  3. Be able to heal the root cause of long term emotional problems in a few minutes!
  4. Have a simple way to test — your progress as you do healing work!
  5. Be able to release past life trauma, ancient or recent curses in a few minutes!Release a hex, curse or voodoo spell.
  6. Heal your plants and animals! (No placebo effect possible!)
  7. End Depression, Stress, Anxiety Sadness, Regret, shame, Anger, etc.!
  8. Find Happiness and Reason for Living (a direct connection to Source Energy!)
  9. Bring Even More Abundance and Prosperity into your Life! (Success Stories in our files.)

Curriculum for Cosmic Energetic Healing 3-Day Intensive — LR Level 5

Class #1: From 9 AM – 6 PM, Lecture, Meditation to release deeper levels of past life karma, meeting with your spirit guides/Reiki Masters, Initiation and Attunement to Level 5 – Basic Cosmic Energetic Healing Degree, Water Ritual, Beginning of Basic Cosmic Energetic Healing training exercises.

Class #2: You will practice much higher levels of Muscle Testing thereby receiving answers from the Subconscious Mind. You are learning to refine the communication with the Subconscious Mind. We will use the LR & CEH charts to find, to release and to energize all kinds of hidden energy blocks not taught in Levels 1-4. We will clear and un-install emotional implants, Kundalini shunts and other devices. Learn how to re-wire the mind to improve its ability to heal. You’ll feel the difference and freedom to expand your energy field.

Class #3: Review, Lecture, Meditation, Expansion of Laser Reiki/Cosmic Energetic Healing training for sending Remote Healings, ditto healings and healing large groups. You will learn to find the multiple causes of major dis-eases. Please ask permission to heal another person for this class exercise. Set the time to receive the healing for 4 AM Monday morning (one day after the class) in the correct time zone.

Class #4: Review, Lecture, study the training manual, fine tuning and expansion of the exercises for direct & remote healing of relationships, family members and job related conflicts. You will learn how to heal tiny parts of the body using pictures. Learn to regenerate and rejuvenate body tissue. Continue Individual Group Healings – Removal of energy blockages from all levels of consciousness & re-energize with positive affirmations in a Laser Reiki Matrix for instant change.

Class #5: Learn to remove entities. Finish the Group Individual Healings of all participants in class. Learn how to heal and be healed using definite aspects that communicate with the Subconscious Mind. You receive multiple healings. You will practice on yourself and others. You will also have a chance to practice on real clients. Application to counter the “Death Hormone” as mentioned in the Kryon books which is a cause of aging. Reprogramming / reconnecting of the DNA. Reprogram the DNA to slow or stop aging. There is very little fluff in these workshops. You will either be using the techniques on yourself or others most of the time.


Y.E. is another dedicated Reiki student. She had three incurable dis-eases according to the medical tests and Ph.D. authorities. She was even slated for a liver transplant because of Hepatitis C. She was already a Reiki Master when LASER REIKI caught her eye. After attending the Basic Laser Reiki & CEH in Portland, she was on her way to getting rid of extreme pain. She moved near the No. 1 Healing School so she could do the work/trade program. Being unemployed because of the depression, pain and lack of energy accompanying Fibromyalgia, arthritis and Hepatitis C she was a good candidate for SSI, but the government didn’t think so. Y.E. has had to pull herself up from the depth of dis-ease, despair and lack of money using simple energy techniques over and over. From the advanced training and being part of a nucleus of advanced Laser Reiki & CEH engineers has come her deep realizations about using photographs and imagery to reprogram the body’s holographic aspects into even better health. She was recently tested for the liver by the hospital and it was found that she no longer needed a liver transplant! Great work! Who says that the liver cannot rejuvenate? Y.E. is also initiating others into Reiki I, II, & III plus healing many clients herself. She is also able to work part time again!

Advanced student R.M. was attending a graduation ceremony when a little old man several seats below got up walked down the aisle. The man then fell down clutching his chest. R.M. just began to flow the Laser Reiki and pointed his hand at the fellow. Pretty soon the old guy got up and just walked away as if nothing happened. The people sitting around R.M. and his mother gave him some raised eyebrows. His mom was a little embarrassed and told him to quit doing that. “That’ll be the day … it’s our nature to help others.”

Reiki stories —


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